Save A Suit

We are proud to say DRESSED TO THE NINES supports many charities and foundations. We believe it is very important to support local and nationwide charities financially, as well as giving our time and efforts volunteering. Some of the causes we support include:

One cause that we support in a unique way is Save a Suit Foundation. Save a Suit collects previously owned men’s business attire and distributes it free of charge to graduating college students as well as veterans who do not have the financial means to afford a new suit to look their best on job interviews or at the workplace.

Bring your suits, sport coats, jackets, trousers, dress shirts, and even ties to DRESSED TO THE NINES. We will happily donate the clothing to Save a Suit. Come donate and receive a complementary credit towards each suit you purchase at DRESSED TO THE NINES.

Credit Received Your Donation
$50 Suit
$35 Sport Coat or Blazer
$15 Trouser
$10 Dress Shirt
$5 Tie

In addition, DRESSED TO THE NINES will give you a tax deduction form for your donation!

For more information about Save a Suit, please visit their website at: