About Us

"We take care of you so you can take care of the other important things in your life." — Bob DeGemmis

DRESSED TO THE NINES has been helping gentlemen look their absolute best for generations. Bob DeGemmis is the third generation of the DeGemmis family to clothe professional men who value their time and appearance. Bob's grandfather Alfredo, a custom tailor in Italy, emigrated to Connecticut in 1916, bringing his bespoke tailoring skills with him to continue his trade and raise a family. Since then the DeGemmis family has been providing extraordinary wardrobes for gentlemen in Connecticut, New York and beyond.

Bob has spent the last 40 plus years doing what he loves–helping men look their absolute best. He began his clothing education from the time he could walk (stacking hangers in his grandfather's tailor shop) and developed to become a professional fitter. The DeGemmis family has clothed all manner of men: doctors, lawyers, CEOs, private business owners, celebrities and professional athletes. All these men have two common threads - a realization that their personal appearance is important to what they do and that their time is valuable.

At DRESSED TO THE NINES we're proud of our unmatched customer service coupled with the extraordinary opportunity to design, personalize, and customize exclusive clothing by working with the most exquisite fabrics, leather goods and accessories to build the perfect wardrobe or ensemble with every detail tailored to the needs of the discerning individual.