The Suit

The foundation of a man's wardrobe is the suit...whether it's a board meeting, a meeting with a major client, a closing argument, the signing of a major contract, or "leading the troops" every day, they all require your best - to look, feel and perform at the top of your game and to inspire confidence and credibility. For most of us second best is a luxury we can't afford ...coming in second is usually for those that didn't get the job, the contract, the deal or win the case or the lady.

The most powerful element in any gentleman's wardrobe, the suit, is more than a single item. It is the impression of the sum total of the individual components—fabrics from the world's best mills, impeccable fit, personal style, and those little "tailoring extras" that set you apart for your personal advantage.

It's a proven fact that others judge us within the first 60 seconds and that 90 percent of communication is non-verbal. A well-tailored suit then speaks volumes and is your foundation for success.